"If you have a parent with senior executives in various aspects of business, like marketing, sales, finance, IT, etc., then that team can manage several operating entities that can run very lean and focus on their core business. In addition to these expert resources, back office services can also be shared amongst all operating entities at low or no costs until they reach profitability to make investment dollars work more for growth than overhead"...Viraf Baliwalla, Founder


BuyAndSellItAll believes that the traditional angel investing model is broken. Statistics show that less than one in ten investee companies will make it but will pay for the losses of the others, however it may take 5-7 years of anticipation for that startup to exit. This means that an individual investor needs to have approximately 10-15 companies in their portfolio consistently and then cross their fingers that one of them is the next Facebook. Startups, meanwhile, all require capital but more importantly need discipline, mentorship and infrastructure on demand as they grow. This is more than the traditional angel investment provides.

Our company invests in and provides hands-on management and shared resources for 2-3 key early stage startups per year that are synergistic with our existing portfolio companies. We believe that once you build a channel to your end customer, then you can fill it with many other things, thus providing multiple lifetime revenue streams per client.  


Current Portfolio:

Automall Network is an auto buying consultancy that conducts independent market price research to establish the best prices of vehicles in a given market through mystery shopping and direct negotiations on behalf of consumers. Their "Best Price Reports™" sell for $75, eliminate the need for comparison shopping and allow negotiating one's best price quickly and painlessly. For the convenience of those that don't want to do any negotiating, Automall Network also offers a Full Concierge Service for $295 where they will negotiate the price of the new vehicle, trade in and extra fees that dealers charge
Transition Squad is a project management franchisor that helps seniors downsize and works with families going through a parent transition. Transition Squad conducts estate sales and online auctions to sell the clients' home and contents, followed by managing the clean up and clear out of remaining items. They also operate their own consignment store to continue to sell clients' belongings that have not sold at the estate sale or auction.

TheyWroteOffMyCar. and it's sister website, MyCarIsWorthLess.com, are helplines for people with total loss or diminished value insurance claims. TheyWroteOffMyCar.com provides valuation services to help consumers ensure they are getting a fair settlement offer from the insurance company after a total loss, while MyCarIsWorthLess.com is a membership based service that assists members recoup their diminished value after a not-at-fault accident.

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